Sure, Jan: Eddie Winslow Says He’s Not Dating Sidney Starr

Sidney Starr

Mmkay, Darius.

Darius McCrary is calling BS on Sidney Starr.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, the Family Matters actor denies dating the Love & Hip Hop star.

We told you yesterday that the duo seemed to confirm their relationship on social media. But, it seems, now McCrary is saying ‘SIKE!’

McCrary began the video by chomping, loudly, on his food while chewing with his mouth open. After about a minute of watching him chew his food like a cow, he made clear that Sidney Starr was “just a friend.” (He also somehow brought his mama into his mess, which was completely unnecessary.)

“Ayo check this out,” he said. “I don’t normally pay attention to the rumors…so while you’re busy discussing me, I’m trying to figure out how to change the world for you.”

He then asked, “what are we in high school? You telling me who I can, and can’t, be friends with?”

But it’s interesting to note that McCrary never directly addressed Sidney Starr, herself, or the “rumors” in question. (It’s also interesting that one of the comments on his Instagram page said, “WE SEEN YOU CATCHING HER ASS EDDIE AND KISSING HER ! Its receipts not a rumor!” Yikes!)

Check out the video mess below.

But he captioned the video with “I stand with my #Family and that’s all that matters,” which…good for you, Darius. Good for you.

For what it’s worth, both of them have messy relationship histories. In addition to dating Superhead, McCrary was best known for getting thrown in jail back in 2015 for failing to pay child support.

Sidney Starr, meanwhile, previously dated “Right Thurr” rapper Chingy (though she later claimed it was a lie, and she only claimed to be dating him for clout). That “clout,” though, got her some starring roles in Lifetime’s Atlanta Plastic, E!’s Botched, and VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago.