SIGNS: Colorado Bigfoot Sighting Could Confirm Existence Of The Elusive Sasquatch

What in the “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,” do we have here?!?!

First Aliens and now evidence of the existence of Sasquatch, or as many of you know, Bigfoot, the mythical forest-dwelling, half-man, half-beast missing link creature.

Colorado couple Shannon Parker and Stetson claim they have footage and photos of their recent encounter with Bigfoot—which they shared with the world via Facebook.

“It’s story time y’all! On Sunday, October 8, 2023, Stetson Tyler and I took the Narrow Gauge train ride from Durango to Silverton,” Parker wrote in part in the post. “After leaving Silverton and heading back to Durango, I asked Stetson to help me look for elk in the mountains.

Parker continued, detailing the moment she believed the beast revealed itself to her and her husband. “As we are passing by the mountains, Stetson sees something moving and then says I think it’s Bigfoot. Brandon, the guy sitting next to Stetson on the train grabs his phone and starts recording. Meanwhile I am trying to get a photo on my camera. Below is the video Brandon @bt92.travels got and the photos I took.”

While the FB post clearly shows a shocking video of a large figure covered head to toe in hair, Parker claims that “Out of the hundreds of people on the train” only “three or four of us actually saw” the creature in real-time. Adding more fuel to the conspiracy theory, there is a destination dedicated to the creature in the state due to the number of alleged Bigfoot sightings—it’s dubbed The Sasquatch Outpost and located in Bailey.

Check out the post below and decide for yourself whether or not this is an elaborate hoax.