Skilla Baby Doesn’t Hate LeBron James Anymore—But The NBA Star Knows All About The Slander

Skilla Baby

Does this prove that LeBron James is really the King?

LeBron James may have a new fan in Detroit rapper Skilla Baby despite his previous comments about the NBA champion.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, Skilla previously appeared on a Detroit-based podcast in which he described all of the things he allegedly hates about James’ game. Among the laundry list of items Skilla claimed made him hate James were his signature move, the “LeFuck You” three-pointer, and his notorious Boys and Girls club announcement to take his talents to South Beach the first time he left the Cleveland Cavaliers. To give Skilla the benefit of the doubt, he did also mention that he also had reservations about LeBron James due to the way the Cavs knocked off the Pistons in 2007 during their NBA Finals campaign.

And even though Skilla made the comments months ago, LeBron James knows all about the shade. In a response to Skilla he shared on Instagram, he appeared to troll the “BAE” rapper by revealing he actually doesn’t like himself either. “Crazy thing Is I HATE ME TOO,” he wrote in the caption of the clip he reposted to his story.

After all of that, it now it looks like Skilla has switched up his tone and revealed he actually doesn’t hate LeBron James. In a video Skilla share to his personal social media, he seemingly walks back all of his previous comments and confirms that he does also view LeBron James as the king. No matter the case, then entire situation is pure comedy on both ends of the spectrum.

Check out the petty a## post below.

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