Skilla Baby Threatens To Sue Detroit Over Repeat Incidents Of Harassment From Police Leiutenant

Skilla Baby

Skilla Baby claims Detroit Police Department is allowing a specific lieutenant to harass him,

Skilla Baby is speaking out to bring awareness to the unfair treatment he claims he’s being subjected to at the hands of Detroit Police Department (DPD) officials.

Following his recent concert Skilla Baby released a lengthy message on Instagram detailing the alleged harassment from a specific Detroit Police lieutenant. In the full, nearly five-minute version of the video, the “Bae” rapper calls the lieutenant out by name while accusing him of purposely trying to sabotage his events and more.

“I am not no activist or nothing, so I don’t like doing this type of s##t,” Skilla said. “But every time I perform at home fire marshals or Detroit police always come shut me down. I already like, I don’t even know what I be doing but they always come shut me down.

“And I got one officer that just always pick on me. His name is Lieutenant Rue. I think he is the real name, Lieutenant Dan Rue or something. Every event I’m at, he always try to get kicked out. Lemme tell you some of the stuff this man has done. I don’t even like doing this stuff.”

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Skilla went on to detail specific incidents in which he dealt with the lieutenant and claims he was harassed and unfairly targeted by the DPD officer. After detailing how the individual caused him to drastically go over budget at the last minute last year while he hosted his birthday event in Detroit, he added the lieutenant once told the NFL he was a “gang member” and “murderer” in order to get him kicked out of Ford Field.

“My little cousin has been there three championships and he’s only in the 11th grade going to the 12th,” he said. “I go to all his games, man. I go to the championship game at Ford Field. This man try to call the NFL and tell them that I can’t come to Ford Field. Come on man. Luckily I grew up with the head of security at Ford Field son and he told them I’m a good kid. He ain’t really listen to him and stuff, but Lieutenant Rue, this man crazy make me feel, I’m scared to get pulled over by that man.”

Skilla explained he feels as though his only option to protect himself at this point may be to take legal action.

“I just pour into my city,” he proclaimed. “I got people records expunged. I give houses away and they don’t respect me for it. I’m only 25. It is kind of crazy. My boy, Lieutenant Rue you crazy. I just want to bring awareness to Lieutenant Rue. Lieutenant Rue. You a crazy man. And I ain’t going to lie.

“There’s nothing I can do to beat you. You a police, you feel me? There’s nothing I can do. I can’t tell on you. I’m not going to tell on you. I’m just like, the next thing I’m going to do is sue the city. So I’m going to sue the DPD for keep putting him at my events, bro. I ain’t going to lie. I’m going to sue the city.”

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