Slaughterhouse Is Trying To Reunite…But There’s A Problem.

Slaughterhouse Royce Da 5' 9" Joe Budden

Slaughterhouse is not back, but they may be coming back if Crooked I has his way. Or not.

I first heard of this when there was chatter of Joell Ortiz and Crooked I discussing a Slaughterhouse reunion. I didn’t go look, because – quite frankly – it was too close to the Royce/Lupe/Mickey Factz stuff. It was weird to me. However, Slaughterhouse is not weird to me. They were one of the dopest collectives of rappers ever and to this day, have this crazy potential. I think all the members understand this and that is why there is this chatter.

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Last week, Crooked took questions on Twitter. Somebody said: “They gangin’ up on Royce, I’d like to see three quarters of the slaughter end these boys and make them regret their choice.” I found that hilarious! The inference that Royce is being bullied is almost unthinkable! This is Royce Da 5′ Fn 9″ we are talking about here!! That said: Crooked I responded to say that he would HATE to see Mickey and Lupe do something he could not… He replied: “I would feel like I got slapped in the face if Lu and Mick had the power to reunite Slaughterhouse and I couldn’t after trying all those years ago. Can you imagine that?”

He recently took an interview online as well…and expressed his frustration with his brothers in Slaughterhouse. Here’s how it went down.

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There was no mention of the battle or anything like that. That was very cool. BUT, getting Slaughterhouse back together? I am not sure I can see that happening. Both Joe and Royce seem to be in very difference places in life. And I would be lying if I said that this recent dustup with Lupe and Mickey had no bearing on it. I would love to see The Slaughter back together, but maybe with a new name? Who knows! Is Joe Budden gonna come out of retirement in an era where the biggest names in rap have Baby in it?

What do you think?