Soulja Boy Goes Berserk Because Girls Choose $250 In Food Stamps Over Dinner With Him

Soulja Boy "Bust It Down"

VIDEO: Soulja Boy thinks girls from New Jersey should put dinner with him over $250 in food stamps. He goes off!

Soulja Boy is really a miracle! That young man came from nothing to establish himself as a superstar at a time when superstars were not coming into the game dolo! Also, he came out of nowhere! He was only a kid, but he is also a pioneer! So, why do they do him like this?

Some dude recently talked to a slew of girls and asked them “Would you take $250 in food stamps or dinner with Soulja Boy?” I’m thinking the dinner will cost a few bucks and you get a cool experience with a rap star. If you are lucky, you might actually gain some knowledge of how to make some real bread or make a friend with some. $250 in food stamps, you just get some groceries. 

Well, the women did not see it like that. They simple jumped at the $250 in food stamps! They also managed to disrespect the 32-year-old rapper. Can you believe he’s only that age? Anyway, he did not appreciate the purported New Jersey girls words. I do not know how we determined they were from the Garden State, but that’s no biggie. Anyway look at what happened and swipe for the original video!

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I hope Soulja Boy is acting here. His rage is a bit much over something so small.

Here is a bonus for you: