Sukihana Fights Double Standard As Twitter Wars Over YK Osiris “Kiss”


The Double Standard is a slippery slope.

Currently, Twitter is at war over the yucky YK Osiris “kiss!” At the same time, Sukihana is fighting an entrenched double standard. Although, a flimsy apology has been issued, the hypocrisy is everywhere.

First off, the Good Cat entrepreneur is a whole artist. Yes, that’s right. And, as such, she aptly employs both hyperbole and poetic license. Albeit, her growing creative cannon often celebrates an overtly sexual image.

However, this cultivated brand, should not negate her worth. Nor, should it work to dehumanize the emerging rapper. Simply put, people are tripping. At times, it seems as though her public and her peers, are unable to differentiate between reality and Rap.

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So, yes; a lot is still happening to the “Casamigos” creative. Just yesterday, she deactivated her Twitter account. Perhaps, the sheer emotional toll motivated the decision. Be that as it may, she sent out what appears to be her final tweet.

It reads, “I am hurt and I am scared to stand up for myself. Keep in mind, this “sensitive” soul was clearly violated. All the same, why is YK, a petite, whisper-kitten of a man, so quickly being forgiven?

The Deeper Discussion

All the while, Sukihana is now being held responsible for other’s actions. Over time, to push a brand, an array of musicians use exaggerated notions. Look at Madonna, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea and Rihanna.

All, of these outspoken ladies, push the message of sexual empowerment. Of course, the “Eating” entertainer is the only one who is richly melanated. Does being melanin-enriched always lead to disrespect?

Hey guys, remember: a dope day job does not excuse unwanted and unsolicited actions, behave.