Tabitha Brown Opens Vegan Soul Food Restaurant, #DariusCrooks Reportedly Screaming Into A Pillow Somewhere

Tabitha Brown

Seethe, Darius.

We love to see Black women winning, and we love to see Tabitha Brown winning, especially.

Recently, Brown dropped her new book, Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom. And fans couldn’t get enough of it. And why wouldn’t they love it, really? Who doesn’t enjoy some down-home cooking delivered with a side of Jesus and prayers?

Darius Williams, that’s who. The Cliffs notes version of the saga surrounding the man known as #DariusCrooks in independent cooking circles is as follows: Williams is a scammer who is currently (according to The Daily Beast) looking down the barrel of several lawsuits, mostly tied to illegal credit repair, failure to treat his employees properly, and violating the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act.

And for making food that looks like this — which isn’t a crime, but should be.

Despite making food that looks like puke and bad decisions, and would be considered an act of war under the Geneva convention, Williams frequently targets other Black women chefs — including Angela “The Kitchenista” Davis, Sunny Anderson, and now Tabitha Brown — by throwing shade, claiming that they’re “haters,” and basically acting like a jealous little child whenever one or more of these women gets some much-deserved shine.

This brings us to this latest bit of Tabitha Brown news. According to Essence, Brown has opened up her own vegan soul food restaurant called Kale My Name. The restaurant is actually a franchise from the existing restaurant in Chicago, IL. “After becoming a huge fan of the delicious dishes, she teamed up with Kale My Name’s owner, Nemanja Nekac Golubović, and they’re expanding the restaurant by bringing it to her hometown of Los Angeles. They’ve found a location in Encino and are getting the ball rolling on scheduling an opening day,” writes Essence.

Can we take a minute to appreciate the joy on Tabitha Brown’s Instagram? Okay. Good.

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Now, let’s remember that Darius Williams admitted to unfollowing Tabitha Brown because he was “low-key” (try high-key, Darius) jealous of her success. With this bit of news, you know he’s probably somewhere screaming into a pillow as Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” plays in the background. You’d better go find Marcel, Darius, and figure out how to make it right with him — because things ain’t looking too good for you right now, sir.

And The Kitchenista is somewhere chuckling with delight. We have no choice but to stan.

Congratulations, Ms. Tabitha Brown! Savor every minute of your sweet success!