Did Talib Smash Former Adult Film Star Sara Jay?

The slander boulder continues to roll downhill for Talib.

For some reason, I hate putting Talib Kweli in the rumor section. I think it’s because of my affinity for his music and his ability to articulate pain, struggle, and combat racism. But these days it is really hard to keep Bro out of the rumor section because of the slew of gossip that is coming out of social media. Now you already know about the Twitter beef he had with a young lady that said he was a colorist, you might know about his artist Res charging sexual abuse, and if you look closely you might’ve heard the next rumor.

The latest rumor is that Talib Kweli has had some sort of sexual relationship with retired adult film star Sara Jay. Now Sara is an OG in pornography and she is very much a MILF at this point. I am not going to say bad things about her, but I will say that when she appeared on AllHipHop in a very brief interview and the response was not positive. People were going in on us like never before for even featuring her on the platform. When all that happened, she was a pretty nice person but it seems like that does not matter especially when you’re dealing with a conscious, pro-black rap artist that is for the most part revered and loved. Yes, I am talking about Talib Kweli. If you remove the last couple of years, dude is pretty much a freedom fighter and a conscious dude we can be proud of. He owns a bookstore that sells a plethora of knowledge-based books and is also 1/2 of the revered rap group Black Star with Mos Def. We loved these guys!

Did I mention that Sara Jay is white? I think that is the reason this is a “thing.” I may not have said that but she is! And that makes things even worse in this rumor! You know how the Internet works! the Internet will slay you when they get the chance and they will compound any problems that you have. They start looking in every corner and crevice of your life to find something to go viral.

It seems like Talib has a good circle of friends like Dave Chappelle around him. I am not sure what is going on with his wife, but it certainly seems like she has bailed completely. It is my understanding that they were estranged anyway. 

There is some good news, Talib has a new album on the way. 

“Cultural Currency” is the first full album by a major artist to drop on subscription service Patreon. Go to https://www.patreon.com/TalibKweli for more info.

Here is that Sara Jay interview, by the way.