Waka Flocka’s (Ex?) Girl Tammy Rivera Said CVS ‘Racially Profiled’ Her

Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera


Tammy Rivera said she was racially profiled in CVS.

In an Instagram post made earlier today, Waka Flocka’s (ex? Who knows…) girl said she experienced “lack of customer service, the disrespect, and the racist profiling I experienced tonight.”

In the approximately four-minute video, Tammy Rivera starts off by saying that she wanted to “clarify some things” so people could understand why she was upset. She explained that she went to CVS because she wanted some treatment for some mosquito bites she received while she was on vacation in Belize. (She did not, however, specify which CVS she went into.)

“And of course, as females, we always end up getting some other stuff we don’t even need,” she said.

After picking up a hair bonnet, hair oil, and some other products, Tammy Rivera said that she noticed a lady who had been watching her “over three aisles.” “Not once did she greet me, not once did she ask me if I needed help with anything, not once did she say hello, goodnight, is there anything I can help you with?” she said.

Tammy Rivera then went on to explain that she opened an unspecified product, and was immediately reprimanded by said CVS employee, who reportedly shouted “Don’t do that!” at her several times over.

Check out the rest of the video below.

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