TDE Ghosted Reason’s Album Release Party—But Not Because Of Livestream Spat

Major figures of TDE were allegedly absent from Reason’s album release party—but he says the dust-up with TDE President Moosa isn’t to blame.

Major figures a part of both the artist roster and label side of Top Dawg Entertainment were allegedly absent from Reason’s album release party—but he says the dust-up with TDE President Moosa isn’t to blame.

For anybody who’s late to the cookout, Reason was interrupted by Moosa while promoting his Porsches album during a live stream days before it was scheduled to drop.

Essentially, Moosa called into the live stream after Reason expressed his frustrations with his album rollout—culminating in Reason calling Moosa out for being manipulative. Moosa responded and sparked a viral exchange, questioning, “Can you name 10 Reason songs?”

It doesn’t help either that following the nearly 30-minute exchange Reason had with Moosa that he appeared on yet another media platform and dropped his hot take opinion that J. Cole will go down in history with the edge over Kendrick Lamar as an MC due to his upcoming album The Fall Off.

Assuming his notifications were blowing up on nuclear timing after the clip went viral, Reason even had to issue a statement on the matter where he essentially walked back the statement.

And now, the 32-year-old rapper is claiming that not one person showed up from TDE to support him at his album release party this past week.

“Well that was what I thought would be the weirdest part,” Reason said in part about having the release party following his argument with Moosa. “But it ended up not being as bad. I had a release party—nobody showed up from the label.”

Reason continued, remarking that the only artist who actually showed up was his labelmate Ray Vaughn—however, he also says he wasn’t affected by it because it’s not as deep as you’d think.

“My bad, Ray Vaughn showed up,” he said. “Shout out to Ray Vaughn—he’s the only person from TDE that showed up. I took it as, you know, maybe n####s was just giving me space because they know how I am.”

Reason continued, further making it clear that he sincerely believes the lack of his fellow TDE member’s presence was more so a show of respect. “That’s how I took it, that’s how I genuinely took it,” he said. “I felt like it was one of those situations where, n###s kinda know me up there, I think that they kind of give me my space when I’m kind of on fire and s### like that. And that was how I took it.”

Check out the clip in full below.