The Real Deal Behind Allen Iverson’s Tiny Statue And How The Sixers Have Bigger Issues

Allen Iverson

There were a lot of jokes around the Allen Iverson ceremony that debuted his Sixers statue. But there is a story way bigger than his honorary stature.

Yo, what’s up! We have all be dialed into the whole Allen Iverson statue situation and the 76ers’ honorary “action figure.” First off, the reaction to A.I.’s statue being on the smaller side is classic internet—quick to judge without all the context. As has been pointed out, it’s consistent with the other statuette’s at “Legends Walk” at the Sixers’ practice facility. This is where the legends are honored in a subtler, but still impactful way. But, this running joke on the internet is a big deal in the city of Brotherly Love.

Now, onto the bigger story — the Sixers are probably moving into the heart of Philly with a new arena they will actually own. That’s massive, both literally and figuratively. Owning their space would give the Sixers much more control, not just over the building itself but over the entire surrounding area. This could lead to bigger and better things, like those larger-than-life statues you all want for A.I.

But, like you said, this move is not without its issues. The impact on the local community can’t be underestimated. Displacing people and institutions like Temple University is a huge deal. The construction and increased traffic could really shake up the daily lives of many. Plus, the controversy of inserting such a large sports complex in the middle of a densely populated city area is something to think about. It’s a delicate balance between growth and disrespect. Hopefully they are hiring the “hood.”

This is a scenario that could change the face of downtown Philly and redefine the Sixers’ presence in their home city. Definitely a situation to keep an eye on. What do you think the community’s response will be if the move actually happens? By the way, Allen Iverson was honored on Sunday again. Very dope.

Never forget!