The Real Reason Drake Isn’t Rapping So Much


We want Drake to rap and he’s got other ideas. But why? Illseed answers with a rumor.

In the world of entertainment, Drake has always been a hot topic, and lately, he’s got tongues wagging for a multitude of reasons. From his personal life to his stance on global issues, the Canadian superstar seems to be making headlines at every turn. But, we’re not here to discuss his son or his silence on the Israel and Palestine situation. Instead, we’ve got our ears tuned to something that’s got fans and critics alike buzzing – Drake’s evolving musical style. Hmmmmmmm…

Drizzy seems to be shifting gears, and it’s leaving some of his die-hard fans wondering if he’ll ever return to full-time rapping. In a surprising twist, Drake’s latest album, For All The Dogs, took an unexpected turn, steering away from his rap roots. The initial songs teased fans with the prospect of a classic rap album, but as the record played on, it became clear that it was filled with lots of singing.

This unexpected musical choice left a few folks feeling disappointed, especially those who were eager to see him deliver some classic Hip-Hop during this 50th year of the genre’s celebration. Even the track “Virginia Beach,” which many thought would bring back the classic Drake, turned out to be a singing love ballad.

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The question on everyone’s lips is “Why is Drake toying with our emotions like this?” While I can’t ask the man himself, I have gathered some insight into what might be driving his musical choices. According to one of my sources, it all comes down to business.

Apparently, it doesn’t make the best business sense for Drake to continue rapping exclusively. Hip-Hop is the number 1 musical genre, but his appeal extends far beyond the rap community. The ladies seem to be particularly smitten with his singing and that translates into even greater sales and success.

There’s also a theory floating around that it’s getting increasingly tough to compete in the Hip-Hop world if you’re primarily a rapper. The game has evolved with strict standards and rules, and if you don’t measure up with your bars, you might end up looking like a chump. So Drake, pops in – talks his sh#t and goes back to singing! Drake’s rap skills are nothing to scoff at, it’s still a tough field to dominate, especially with artists like Nick Grant and J. Cole flexing their lyrical muscles. In fact, it’s worth noting that J. Cole (fill in the blank) Drake on his own album.

So, whether you’re a fan of Drake’s rap or singing, one thing’s for sure: he’s got us all talking. And – like it or not – we’ll be eagerly awaiting his next move.