Trans Woman Doubles Down On Pooh Shiesty, Claims To Have Tape

Pooh Sheisty

Pooh Shiesty may have to explain again, as a tape with a trans women allegedly exists.

Your favorite rapper Pooh Shiesty has something to deal with regarding the allegations that he was with a trans woman. Recently, Pooh Shiesty has been denying these allegations, even  in a report that we published. And we thought that would be the end of it, but it was not.

A person PURPORTING to be that trans woman known as Nick IP, has said that it is all on tape. That’s right, folks, there is allegedly a videotape of Pooh Shiesty and that very trans woman. Not only does the person  claim to make these allegations but has posted a screenshot as “proof.”

Now the proof – make sure you keep that in air quotes – is something that I barely can recognize, to be honest. But this is getting dragged out in a way I don’t fully understand. First of all, who cares. Mister Cee, been told you all what it is these days with some people. Second of all, if we’re going to care then let’s get to the proof. Honestly, I don’t want to see it, but all this dragging things out in the interest of being salacious is bogus.

Pooh Shiesty Speaks Out About Rumors He Hooked Up With Trans Woman

So the transsexual woman has put a stamp on a letter. Now will she send it!?! A lot of people are calling the trans woman out for not putting something up, because it seems like she is simply promoting her only fans or other things that get her some money. Other people are looking closely, to details I cannot distinguish, and saying that that is not Mr. Shiesty. By the way, some people EVEN say they have seen the video and that the tattoos don’t match and some other things. I don’t know how that person saw the video but that just seems to be social media in the year 2021.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, or not see, won’t we?