Another Woman Alleges Trey Songz Assaulted Her And Details IT ALL!

Trey Songz is accused yet again of sexually harassing a woman in an aggressive, unwanted manner. The women details her encounter in our report.

Surviving Trey Songz!?!

R&B singer Trey Songz is being accused AGAIN. I cannot keep up. This time, a woman says Songz assaulted her. Say her name: Rachiel. Presently, there are seven women that have accused this man of violence in the past few years.

Rachiel, a New York City resident, has accused the singer and song writer of punching her, beating her and this is all allegedly because he wouldn’t receive his advances. The NYPD are on it.

Trey already has outstanding cases and this is going to further damage his standing in LIFE. There are purported pending criminal charges and the woman took to Twitter to explain what happened to her in the alleged violence she endured.

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Trey tried to push up on me when I said no on the front end. It wasn’t typical cat calling that you get everyday outside …. he isolated me forced himself on me kissed me and tried to put his hand in my mouth.

Im not traumatized by it tbh this was more so to add validity to people still experiencing s### from him who are probably being doubted. I didn’t let him pressure me but I can see how girls not aggressive like me would cause he’s aggressive.”

She said he was p##### off when he was no able to put his hand parts inside of her. She then blocked him from social media. What is wrong with these men? I mean, if it ain’t one thing, its another!