Trina’s ONLY Fans Have A New TREAT…


Trina is bringing her own flair to OnlyFans…but how?

Trina, one of the original bad girls in Hip-Hop, is back. But she’s not back with a new album, she’s back with a new venture!

Trina has join the countless people that are on only fans, the app we are people pay to see the intimacy‘s of someone’s life (often called paywall p###). Most people affiliate the service with seeing someone naked, having sex, or other explicit things that will get me blocked off google. I have never been someone that is on OnlyFans and never will. But people like Trina are getting me to think about it. Cardi B, Casanova, Safaree, Tyga, and may others are all on the service. There’s even a woman that acts like a puppy on the service so you don’t have to be naked!  I don’t wanna see any man-tail, but the ladies might!  Fun for all! 

OnlyFans rolled out the red carpet for the Queen!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the talented rapper @trinarockstarr. Trina is sharing exclusive content and offering her fans a chance to really get to know her. Keep your eyes peeled for her LIVE concert, where she’ll be offering an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out, subscribe today at: trinarockstarr #WelcometoOnlyFans

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There is no talk about the damage…how much?

I love how they call it “exclusive content,” because that implies to me that Trina will not be doing like some of the more salacious people on OnlyFans. Anyway…what do you think? I wanna see…that thang!