Trippie Redd Slams Media For Sparking Weed Rumor: “I Never Got Kicked Off A Plane!”

Trippie Redd

Do y’all smell that?

Trippie Redd has come forward to deny what he says is a bogus rumor. On Tuesday (July 4), he hopped onto his Instagram Stories and addressed the issue—and he had a lot to say.

While working to vindicate his name, he remained surprisingly calm. Then, the “Miss The Rage” rapper politely read the misinformed outlets. He offered, “I see media outlets keep reaching.”

“I never got kicked off a plane for trying to smoke weed,” the accomplished musician clarified. He also insisted, “I had smoked weed before I got on the flight and my homie, he smelled like weed in the back of the plane.”

Trippie Redd was far from finished. He continued, “I heard the flight attendant say something, so I walked to the back to see what was up. Then they got to yelling at me. I left, I went and got a private jet. Honestly, I feel like the flight attendants got some sort of attitude or some type of animosity like they hate their job or something.”

Finally, the spitter stated, “I’m fine flying first class but when I feel disrespected or not welcomed, I will fly private because I feel like I got to get to my bag if I’m going to pick up $350,000, $20,000 ain’t s###. Put some respect on it.”