Trippie Redd To Take On Drake & Travis Scott For AOTY + Fast Food Chicken Crowns With ‘ALLTY5’

Trippie Redd

Y’all going ordering from Trippie Redd’s chicken spot or copping the album first?

Trippie Redd just might be in a position to give both Drake and Travis Scott a good, competitive run for their money in the perspective spaces they’re currently dominating.

Though Trippie Redd’s personal life is in shambles at the moment, things on the business side look promising. Just as he’s publicly accosting himself for infidelities amid a three-year relationship, Redd is in a unique and opportunistic space as the hype for his A Love Letter To You 5 (ALLTY5) album reaches a climax. With features from artists such as Lil Wayne and The Kid LAROI, Trippie Redd already has his fans eating out of the palm of his hand thanks to the project.

And what better way to capitalize on exuberant new album fan buzz, might one ask? Well, none other than by launching a ghost kitchen. In the weeks to follow Redd’s quest to campaign ALLTY5 to the top of the charts, his new collab with the tech start-up brand Popchew will see the rise of the Ohio-bred rapper’s own chicken restaurant—not to be confused with Dave’s Hot Chicken, the Nashville Hot Chicken spot Drake’s invested in. Trippie’s Strips & Dips appears to be injecting a spicy new flavor into the world of deep-fried tenders.

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Now whether Trippie Redd can manage to move nearly 500,000 copies of ALLTY5 in the first week, or match the heat Drizzy’s sliders brand is kicking, he really only has one goal—which is for Trippie’s Strips & Dips to be tastier than Mr. Beast’s Burgers.

Nah, but for real, bro better take notes from Bun B’s Trill Burger and Wiz Khalifa’s Hot Box and carbon copy what’s working. Because a $100 million lawsuit ain’t gonna look too good for Trippie Redd—it definitely doesn’t look good for Mr. Beast and he has that YouTube money.