Is Troy Ave Using His Slain Bodyguard For Street Cred?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) I honestly and truly don’t know what to even make of rapper Troy Ave.

As you know the infamous Irving Plaza incident, last year, left his bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter dead from a violent shoot out that took place at the venue.

Troy soon after created a scholarship in his late friend’s name. In another plot twist surrounding the controversy of the night and life since, McPhatter’s family have struck down the scholarship and Troy Ave in general, as they have accused the rapper of using McPhatter’s death for street credibility.

The family wants to distance themselves from the rapper because they feel that him using McPhatter’s name in songs and referring to himself as the new Tupac, further solidifies that he’s hung up on this whole street cred thing.

According to DNA Info,

Ronald McPhatter’s family recently asked that his name be removed from a $2,000 annual scholarship for graduating student athletes created by Troy Ave at New Utrecht High School, saying they don’t want anything to do with Ave who launched it in the wake of the Irving Plaza shooting that claimed the slain bodyguard.

“We hold him responsible for the death of our brother. My family is not trying to stop kids from getting money, but we don’t want him to use our brother as a publicity stunt. We didn’t get a call, none of us were aware of it until we saw it in the news,” said Jamie Albert, McPhatter’s sister.

“We’ve done nothing to him, but he’s exploited our family and this tragedy in such a negative way. He used our brother as a human bulletproof vest. Instead of apologizing, he bashes us and he disrespects and he talks down on us. We’ve been too gracious about some of the things that happened to our little brother,” she added.

Troy Ave is certainly Mr. Can’t Get Right! What are your thoughts?