UK Threatens To Arrest Chris Brown If He Dare Cross The Border

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is not welcome in the UK and they said he best not come across the border if he wants to remain free.

The UK is not feeling Breezy! Chris Brown has been prohibited from entering the United Kingdom. Any attempt by him to set foot in the UK will result in his immediate arrest and assault charges, according to reports. Well, I have to say it is really polite of them to give him a warning.

For those that do not know, Chris was initially banned from the UK for a duration of 10 years due to his assault on his former girlfriend, Rihanna. They sure know how to hold a grudge that wasn’t even on their soil. Oddly, he was granted entry into the country in 2020 and managed to organize his first tour there this year. They flipped the script on him after another alleged assault!

A music producer claimed that Breezy repeatedly hit him on the head with a bottle after he was annoyed with loud music at a nightclub. Excuse me? Chris actually promised to be a good boy and stay on his own behavior like a professional jockey riding a horse. They still denied him. They also said that he would face both arrest and charges if he dares to set foot on British soil again. This all happened in March. I am sure the rumors of an Usher assault has not helped.

I am wondering why they didn’t just arrest him and make him do the perp walk. The UK does not move that way, like American cops. Sources cited by The Sun suggest that British authorities might feel “embarrassed” about apprehending the singer, given the government’s decision to allow his reentry. The Metropolitan Police stated, “Two individuals were scheduled to voluntarily appear at a police station on March 29 but failed to attend. Ongoing inquiries are being made to locate them.”

By the way, that producer seeks financial compensation from Chris. Instead of paying, Chris decided not to go back into the UK.