VIDEO: Did NLE Choppa Get Into A Huge “Fight” On The Beach?

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa seemingly caught a blow to the head.

NLE Choppa allegedly got into a huge brawl on the beach, apparently over the weekend that just passed. First things first, people are calling him out on his meditation and enlightenment phase that seemingly has completely passed. As you all know this website has been interviewing NLE for quite some time, right when he started to pop. So we like him a lot. We also love to see that he was growing significantly, even though he was still a very young person. He’s made it a point to talk about being on a higher plane of existence. But is it real?

Well, here’s the deal. NLE Choppa seemingly got into a fight and caught a punch square on the jaw. In fact, the dude that got jumped by several of the crew allegedly only got in one punch. That punch looks like it hit “Choppa” flush. This COULD be completely fake quite frankly, because the video is extremely grainy. New technology, i.e. cell phones has a loud for a really crisp and clear video footage. HOWEVER, I saw another one and it has a more crispy look and appears to be Choppa. This version looks like something from the 80s or the 90s to be honest.

But, if it is NLE Choppa then he caught that SINGLE punch AND got beat up thoroughly for it. In the video a woman is yelling at them to break it up and saying stuff like “it’s not fair, but you know how things go. A fair one = a beat down. Now the fans are asking “Will the real Choppa please stand up?!” Also, where did these guys learn how to fight!?

The brother has other issues to contend with too:

NLE Choppa Arrested In Florida, Reports Say