Wale & Meek Mill Fan Theory Adds Zesty Michael Rubin Layer To Beef

Meek Mill and Michael Rubin

They really doing Meek Mill low, down and dirty right now now on X.

Even though the disagreement between Meek Mill and Wale was very real, Twitter (X) continues to be the single platform with least serious response to the incident, even though it’s where everything unfolded.

In case you missed it, like Bobby Shmurda, Meek Mill called Wale out on the social media platform in a lengthy, multi-tweet rant in which he accused his former Maybach Music Group labelmate of perpetual jealousy and “bad energy” among other accusations. Believe it or not, the entire disturbance was exacerbated by a single photo Wale posted of himself with one of Meek Mill’s former associates, @dean_stayreadyy on Instagram, from Wrestlemania Weekend in Philadelphia.

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And even though both Dean and Wale seemingly responded to Meek Mill’s backlash regarding the photo, essentially reassuring the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper there was no collusion between them with intended ill-will for his persons, an Twitter user believes they got to the bottom of what the real issue is.

“Ohhh you was posted up with his boo. now I see why he snapping,” the user wrote in a quoted reply of a photo Wale posted with Fanatics founder/CEO Michael Rubin.

Considering the tweet was published less than 48-hours from the time of this article being published, over 1.2 million views on the tweet is damn near overkill. But in as sense, it’s telling in regard to the extreme degree of which the Diddy sexual assaults lawsuit allegations have tarnished Meek’s image. I mean, yes, Rubin’s full-body hug of Lil Baby at his All White party went viral last year, due to the suspect implications of such body-to-body contact between two grown heterosexual men. However, this is a whole new level of zesty already being added to Meek’s mounting allegations of a romantic relationship with Diddy.

I mean, lord knows I am a rationale man, but this is certainly casting doubts on my core beliefs about Meek right now. Like, brother, I get that you wanted to leave prison in style in 2018. But the reaction to all of this is certainly making it seem like Rubin swooping you up in the helicopter and treating you to an NFL playoff game somehow may have more than just a friendly gesture. He wasn’t tricking on you, was he Meek? (I’m trolling at this point.)

No Diddy, Meek gonna have to play hardball behind this one!

Check out the insane tweet above.