Was J. Cole Snubbed Cyber Truck Shopping At Tesla Or Has A Clout Chaser Fooled Us?

J. Cole

J. Cole is good everywhere, even if he isn’t recognized.

J. Cole is living his best life after bowing out of a potential rap beef with Kendrick Lamar, and his recent trip to a Tesla dealership is certainly evidence of such—despite his (alleged) experience.

Even if a clout chaser behind a smartphone and camera would lead us to believe otherwise, it appears as if Cole’s days of riding his bike around New York City unbothered are behind him.

Long story short, earlier this week a video began circulating on social media of the “Crooked Smile” lyricist nonchalantly perusing Cyber Trucks at a Tesla dealership. Cole can be seen pacing the showroom floor with his hardwired headphones in as he appears to be taking a call while browsing.

Despite the viral TikTok video insisting that J. Cole was being snubbed by management, a user on Instagram, who allegedly has close ties with the dealership said it was actually the opposite.

In fact, J. Cole even snapped a photo with the aforementioned individual in which he was sporting an ear-to-ear smile. The latest J. Cole sighting is similar to when he was spotted last month chilling at the beach mere weeks after he apologized to Kendrick Lamar for releasing his diss song “7-Minute Drill Freestyle” in response to Kendrick’s “Like That” verse.

Even though he may be whipping a Tesla sooner than later, Cole has managed to turn his hobby of riding his bike into a unique and effective marketing strategy, seamlessly blending his passion with his professional endeavors.

J. Cole often documents his bike rides, creating engaging content that he shares with his fans on social media. By sharing clips of his bike rides through various cities, he creates a sense of intimacy and connection with his audience, inviting them into his everyday life. Maybe now we’ll see J. Cole pulling up to parks across the tristate area and showing love to fans in his new Cyber Truck.

Check out the clip above.