Whose Famous Family Jewels Were Caught In 4K Solar Eclipse Spectacle?

This is just almost too unreal to believe without seeing for yourself. Pause!

In a jaw-dropping moment during Mexican TV station RCG Media’s coverage of the solar eclipse, viewers were left stunned as a pair of testicles mysteriously appeared on screen.

As if the uncensored genitals weren’t enough to stealing the spotlight from the celestial event itself, reports have seemingly revealed that these t##### might belong to someone famous! The nutty occurence unfurled just as the eclipse reached totality. In the moment, RCG’s news anchors were deep in commentary, considering areas in Mexico experienced upwards of an 80 percent coverage of the sun’s disk.

However, just as the sun should have been the focus, all eyes were forcibly fixated on the unexpected cameo. Without warning, these “{shining” orbs dipped into frame, leaving the anchors visibly shocked. While RCG Media might not be laughing, the internet is having a field day with this viral moment, joking that the surprise “moon” caused more damage to viewers’ eyesight than the eclipse itself.

But how did these unexpected guests crash the broadcast? Rumor has it that RCG asked viewers to submit their personal eclipse footage, a risky move that backfired spectacularly. And here’s where it gets juicy–social media is buzzing with speculation that these testicles belong to none other than rockstar Tommy Lee!

Why Tommy Lee? Well, the Motley Crüe drummer allegedly posted and then swiftly deleted a similar eclipse re-creation featuring his own family jewels. Could it be that his footage somehow found its way into the RCG control room? Let’s just hope Lee will better wrangle his testicles in future eclipses in North America, considering he’ll be in his early 80s by the next U.S. total solar eclipse in 2044.

Watch the raunchy clip here.