Will Chris Rock’s Bro Finally Get To Lay Hands On Will Smith?

Chris Rock

Kenny Rock is about to lace up his gloves.

By now, the 2022 Oscar’s Slap Down is unfortunately overshadowing the entire event. In fact, the 94th Academy Awards is becoming synonymous with Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. Be that as it may, will Chris Rock’s younger brother — Kenny — finally get to lay hands on Will Smith?

Well, today (April 13) the Rock sibling makes an interesting announcement. While standing, smack dab in New York City’s Time Square, Kenny confesses his intent. As a matter of fact, he has secured a deal with Damon Feldman. Truly, it appears as though he plan to step up on the stand-up’s behalf.

Needless, to say, Feldman’s name is readily associated with his company, Celebrity Boxing. That’s right, it looks like K. Rock is ready to hop into the ring with the comic’s nemesis. Although, Will may of portrayed The Greatest, Little Kenny is gunning for that K.O.

First off, the match is taking place down South, deep in Florida. While, Will Smith would be an epic opponent, he has yet to solidify an actual adversary. Regardless of the Best Actor’s size advantages, the younger Rock is not intimidated by the proposed pairing. In fact, he is not the only brother who has the cultural critic’s back.

Thus far, Chris Rock has yet to physically retaliate. However, that is not preventing his protective siblings from chiming in on the comedian’s behalf. Recently, his brother Tony — who also specializes in stand-up comedy — offered his two cents.

Moreover, he mentions that he has personally nominated Mr. Smith for “These Hands.” Ultimately, Chris Rock maintains his composure and continues to mind his business.

So, is this proposed Celebrity Boxing match showcasing Kenny actually worthwhile; or, is it just another veiled attempt to have us attack one another?