Will Smith On Entanglement: ‘Jada And I Talk About Everything’

Will Smith

No surprises are the best surprises.

Recently, Will Smith visited the CBS Sunday Morning broadcast. While there, he discussed many topics with Gayle King. Of course, one of the most juicy topics is the state of his marriage with Jada Pinkett-Smith. When asked about “entanglements” he confesses, “Jada and I talk about everything.”

Generally speaking, Mr. Smith is one of the most successful rappers turned actors. As of late, the esteemed entertainer has earned two distinguished accolades. One of these honors includes the 2022 Critics Choice Awards for Best Actor for his sublime delivery in King Richard.

The Honor

During his acceptance speech, the lauded thespian sincerely shares his gratitude. “I am here tonight with Venus and Serena and their sister Isha. And, I really just want to say to all of you, thank you for entrusting me with your story,” shares the West Philly wordsmith.

Pure sincerity emphasizes his words. “What you were able to do, and what your family was able to do, inspired everyone in this room, everyone in this country and everyone around the world. You all define the American dream,” shares the super star.

Ultimately, Big Willie wishes them continued favor, “You represent the best of what we all hope this world and this country can be.” 

The Rumor

Yes, Will Smith is enjoying a new level of professional success. However, the public seems to still be preoccupied with his marriage dynamic. In fact, Gayle even asks the hard question about entanglements.

“There’s never been infidelity in our marriage. Never. Jada and I talk about everything, and we have never surprised one another with anything, ever,” emphatically states the distinguished author.

There it is; interesting.