Wiz Khalifa Says Pooh Shiesty Clones Tried To Run Up On His Crib—Fans Blame YG

Wiz Khalifa

I’d bet money Wiz Khalifa could’ve knocked one of the robbers out.

Wiz Khalifa claims Pooh Shiesty mask-donning assailants attempted to break into Wizzlemania Manor and his fans are already pointing the finger—at YG.

According to reports, the would-be burglars were either bold or high enough to attempt the heist during broad daylight. Apparently, the Taylor Gang security team was functioning at a high clip at the time of the failed siege and nearly beat the intruders “Black and Yellow” while forcing their retreat. It appears Khalifa tightened up his surveillance team after he was indeed a “Lick” that was “Hit” in 2018 when some baby Shiesty broke into his home.

Nevertheless, in a short jab-like strike of a tweet, Khalifa remarked on the incident via X (formerly known as Twitter) in a fluent and articulate manner, of course. “3 n####s wit Pooh shiesty masks tried to run in my crib while i was on stage,” Khalifa wrote.

While it appears LAPD doesn’t have any suspects identified yet for the attempted robbery, social media fan detectives believe YG could somehow be involved. Their prime piece of evidence you ask? Introducing exhibit A: YG’s scam rap anthem, “How To Rob.”

While it’s a reach that YG was specifically speaking about Wiz Khalifa when he dropped the record last year, he did definitely say, “He gone show his whereabouts on accident/He be high.” Social media rests its case.

Meanwhile, Wiz Khalifa was in Michigan during the incident as part of the High School Reunion Tour—which might’ve been a good thing for them Shiesty Boyz considering Wizzle Man has been going crazy in the gym. Nah for real, ever since that PFL (Professional Fight League) deal went through and he popped up on the Joe Rogan podcast, Khalifa has been training like he’s trying to get it “Back In Blood.”

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And truth be told, if Wiz Khalifa kicks it in the crib anything like he does at the gym, the robbers probably would’ve voluntarily made their exit upon their uncomfortable confrontation. Presumably, because bro is in his Juijitsu short-shorts or literally kicking the crap out of them.

So the moral of the story is it pays in unending dividends to be comfortable with your masculinity—and trained in mixed martial arts. So Kudos Khalifa.