The New Yeezy Slides Are Here, And…Well…You Take a Look

Kanye West

The new Yeezy Slides have dropped, and they’ve already started trending on Twitter. But are they trending for the right reasons?

The new Yeezy Slides are here.

At 10:00 a.m. ET on September 6, Nordstrom and other retailers dropped the latest collection of shoes by Kanye West, with a retail value of $60 each.

The shoes are available in three colors: Soot (grey), Pure (white/off-white), and Glow (neon yellow). They’re available in both adult and children’s sizes — if you can find them, that is. You can check out a photo of the new Yeezy Slides below.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the shoes to trend on Twitter as people rushed to try to get them — often with no luck — for shoes that look like the latest in Great Value fashions. I must be getting old because I sincerely don’t understand the hype (and this is coming from someone who actually likes the Donda album, so I appreciate the absurd).

To be fair, these Yeezy Slides seem a lot nicer than some of the other Yeezy shoes issued in the past. Certainly, they’re utilitarian — which is more than the sneakers can say — but are they worth $60? In my humble opinion, probably not. They’re no more, or less, sturdy than a slide by any other retailer (such as Adidas, for example). It’s also not worth spending $60 on a pair of shoes that your child will grow out of in a year. Have you seen how rough kids can be on shoes lately? You’re lucky if they last a season.

Still, if you absolutely must have the latest Yeezys, feel free to keep refreshing your preferred shop page…or you can contact your nearest street retailer, who will charge you three times the price. It’s your money, after all. Although, I have to ask: shouldn’t you be saving your money for dinner with Jay-Z?