Yo Gotti Concert Shooting Leaves 3 Injured In Alabama (Video)

Yo Gotti

It is a blessing that everyone survived.

Yo Gotti continues to solidify his place in Hip-Hop. Thus far, his latest release CM 10: Free Game, is his highest charting effort. Naturally, he is bringing his words to the people. Unfortunately, an Alabama concert shooting leaves three people injured.

So, the creative expression of Lil Yo continues to speak to the public. Perhaps, his provocative posturing ignited someone in the crowd. On Sunday (March 20), his Mobile, AL concert erupts into violence.

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First off, the event began peacefully. In fact, concert doors opened at “9 p.m.” So, the agitation did not transpire “until around 1a.m.,” this according to AL.com. As a matter of fact, it is uncertain if the CMG boss had even taken the stage.

Furthermore, the publication cites, “a gunshot was fired inside of the fairgrounds auditorium, which hit a woman in her upper back.” Above all, there appears to be no link to the Memphis musician. Moreover, the “Law” lyricist remains completely unscathed.

Eventually, “That woman was taken to a local hospital with a non-life-threatening injury,” states local authorities. Additionally, the surging crowd is what actually caused the other ladies to get harmed. However, those two women were taken to a different hospital. It is a blessing that their injuries are minor.

In fact, Poetik Flakko obtained footage of the melee from the Southern spitter’s show.

An emailed statement shows, T. Joshua Wood, The Grounds Executive Director’s, gratitude. “We would like to take a moment to thank our security staff for immediately stepping up to the plate to ensure guests were safe and the incident was manage appropriately.”

Of course, an arrest warrant is circulating for the unidentified shooter. As it stands, Mobile police are actively working the case. As of yet, Yo Gotti has not publicly addressed this shooting.