Young Thug Contends He’s “Never Written a Lyric”

Young Thug contends he’s “never written a lyric.” His exclusive perspective has helped to challenge and to expand the Hip-Hop’s culture.

Young Thug is one of one. Life enhances his lyricism. So, with nearly a decade invested into his art, the Punk purveyor offers surprising insight into his creative process. As according to i-D, he contends, “I’ve never written a lyric.”

First off, the ability to deliver an intricate and appreciated perspective is a blessing. Thugger does this without the aid of a pen. To illuminate this admission, he says, “I’ve never written a lyric. Ever.” Furthermore, he claims, “I really haven’t. I kind of just freestyle.” The radical rapper continues to supply context to his statement.

Then, he adds, “I just go with it as it comes. I never really wrote anything down.” Thugger explains an inherent lack of patience provokes the polished behavior. “I’m not patient enough to sit and write. It just takes a lot of my day.”

As with most situations, there are, in fact, exceptions to this rule. The “Ski” spitter makes mention of the time he was incarcerated. That was one of the rare occasions – if only few times — where he would employ a writing instrument.

“Only time I’ve had the time to write lyrics down is when I’ve been incarcerated, shares Thug. “Even if I just have to go to jail for a day or something. I don’t like writing and that’s the only way I can write; if I just got time on my hands and there’s nothing in the world I could do.”