Yung Joc Says He’s Not With the Gay Sh-t!


(AllHipHop Rumors) As you know people do not play about their sexuality and any false accusations about it.

Exes, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s own Yung Joc and Karlie Redd recently got into it on social media when Joc suggested that Karlie missed him putting it down, and Karlie says she used to play with his ass. Oh my! That escalated quickly!

“Let me tell you one thing Karlie. I play a little bit. But, I don’t play no games on no gay sh-t and all of that sucker sh-t. On my kids you ain’t never put your fingers in my a-s b-tch. Now put that on your daughter. Put it on your daughter life, put it on on your mama life. That what I thought. Can’t. B-tch don’t even play with me like that. I ain’t on no sucker sh-t no kinda way. I never said nothing about a n-gga d-ck. I said needle. If that’s where your mind wanted to go so what it’s all in fun and laughs. Don’t come at me with no hoe sh-t. Take it for what it is. What it is. It’s entertainment,” said Yung Joc.

What’s funny is that when a woman is mad at her ex she seems to tell the world that she used to play with their a###### either to embarrass them by revealing their sexual life, or to suggest that their ex was gay. See: Amber Rose vs. Kanye West and Vivica Fox vs. 50 Cent.

It’s funny that the women do this because clearly if they really were f######## a#######, they were down for the count when the sexcapades were going down, so what does that say about them.

Anyway clearly Mona Scott-Young has been with the sh-ts this season and we can’t tell a storyline from real life drama these days. Karlie Redd and her ex Joc have been going at it since they broke up, and Karlie is now “dating” Black Ink’s Ceasar. When Joc commented under a post about the new couple, Karlie clapped back claim that she’d played with his a######, and telling him to worry about his lakefront….. and well Joc is big mad!

For those reality TV watchers, have y’all peeped the scammer and sister wife situation going on on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Issa mess! Carry on.

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