Yungen Gunnin Convicted of Murder in Fatal Shooting Death

Sometimes poetic license is not utilized.

Jordan “Yungen Gunnin” Johnson, has been convicted of second degree murder. Back in 2018, he was arrested for the shooting death of Da’John Mitchell. Truly, these events are heart-breaking. Nevertheless, Mr. Mitchell was murdered because he allegedly “bumped into” someone.

Indeed, this incident would quickly escalate. During, a Jonesville, Louisiana performance Johnson jumps crazy. Of course, the infamous Suga Shak is the scene of the crime. Here, the Mississippi MC reportedly shot Da’John, this reports Magnolia State Live. Accordingly, Gunnin interrupts his set. Following, that momentary misstep, chaos ensues. Mitchell, bumps into a member of his entourage

Quickly, tempers flare. Moreover, there was no time to make up. Immediately, following the commotion, a shootout takes place. Then, Mr. Johnson draws down a .38 and shoots Mr. Mitchell “in the back.” After that, the irate artist ups the ante. Subsequently, he allegedly fires four more times. So, while lying on his back, a dying Da’John sustains multiple gunshots.

Consequently, the emerging entertainer is apprehended. However, this arrest takes place in his home state of Mississippi. Specifically, the law boys get credit for the collar. Namely, they spot Gunnin’s rental and eventually take him into custody.

Moreover, D.A. Brad Burget attests, “It was a senseless crime. Either because Mr. Mitchell bumped Johnson or because Mr. Johnson’s vanity he decided to shoot.” Above all, the District Attorney adds, “There is no justification to take someone’s life over purported or perceived insults.”

Finally, in this case nobody wins. Yes, Mr. Mitchell’s family and friends can celebrate a guilty verdict. However, Da’John is not coming back. Therefore, no prison sentence will ever suffice. Additionally, Yungen Gunnin is facing a life-altering prison stint.