Tristan Thompson Wants Gag Order for Maralee’s Mouth

Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson pleads to judge for emergency gag order. He insists Maralee Nichols, who is alleging paternity, is seeking fame and fortune.

Yesterday (Dec. 9), Tristan Thompson requested an emergency gag order. This, is in response, to the salacious paternity suit involving Maralee Nichols. The defensive move will prevent more mess from hitting the public. As court proceedings progress, neither party shall publicly discuss its intimate details.

First off, the Kings center believes the former fitness trainer is a certified sack-chaser. He attests she solely desires, “to achieve some sort of notoriety and gain for herself in this lawsuit,” this according to TMZ. To bolster his point, he contends that phony social media posts and media appearances keep spewing strategic lies. He contends that these fibs focus on himself and on his family.

So now, the ballsy baller wants the first-time mother to ante up. A $35,000 bond suggests that any slip ups will be paid out. Regarding the entire case — discovery and evidence — she will be financially responsible if she jeopardizes the confidentiality order.

Last week, People reported on the successful delivery of Maralee’s son. Of which, she alleges that Tristan is the father. If, so, this will be the third child for the NBA player. Thompson’s eldest son, Prince, is four year old. His mother is Jordan Craig. While, Khloe Kardashian is the mother to his three year-old daughter named True.

In addition, to these legal actions, she faces the obligations of motherhood. Hopefully, to their issues, the pair will find an amicable solutions.