How Real Estate Coach Jamisa McIvor Bennet Stands Out From the Rest

Dr. Jamisa McIvor Bennet, a real estate investor, has stepped in to bridge this information gap between willing investors and investment options.

Most people end up working until their last breath because they’re too afraid to invest their money. Investments are often associated with market risks, so many people prefer to live solely on their paychecks. However, the real beauty of investment is that you are making your money work for you rather than working to make money. You can grow your wealth while sleeping or vacationing with friends and family. Real estate is the oldest and perhaps one of the safest players in this field. It is only due to a lack of knowledge that people don’t venture into real estate investing. 

Dr. Jamisa McIvor Bennet, a real estate investor, has stepped in to bridge this information gap between willing investors and investment options. Her company, Rosebud’s investments, has helped more than 500 people enter the lucrative real estate industry as investors with little to no debt at all. Out of these 500 clients, 175 have purchase properties as low as $600. This makes it loud and clear that Rosebud’s investments can guide anyone from any walk of life to become a real estate investor with minimal to zero risks. 

Born and brought up in South Philadelphia, Jamisa hails from a normal family background that has no connection to real estate. Her grandmother’s death was a turning point in her life that paved the way for her journey into real estate investments. After Jamisa’s grandmother Rose passed away, she inherited a massive property she had no idea what to do with. She was afraid of maintaining such a huge house, so she thought it would be a good idea to sell it and do something productive with the money. That’s when she decided to invest in real estate and started her journey into the industry. 

With no prior knowledge about real estate, it was initially difficult for her to make property assessments. However, she sought help from investors on social media and regularly followed their tutorials and live sessions. She gradually got a hold on things, learning how to decide property values and when and how much to invest in a property. It was then she came to know that she had actually sold her inherited property at a much lower price than its actual valuation. She took this as a lesson and became resolute to grow her wealth to make up for the loss. 

What followed was a series of real estate investments. Jamisatook it low and slow, closing one deal at a time. After 4 to 5 successful deals, Jamisa became an expert in real estate investments. As she started discussing her journey with her friends and family, she found that so many people were interested in investing their money but were hesitant due to a lack of knowledge. 

The thought of guiding others and teaching them how simple and profitable investing in real estate is prompted her to start Rosebud’s Investments in 2017. The 27-year-old real estate investor named her company after her grandmother because it all started by selling her property. Currently, Rosebud’s Investments is managed by a team of 5 and has already grown into a multi-million dollar company with a debt-free portfolio of 20 properties.  

Jamisa is enjoying her journey into real estate, coaching people from any income group to become real estate investors. She wants to continue this for many more years to come, to help people see their money grow in a matter of time.