King Braize – “Inspire Yourself” Video

King Braize’s  visual chronicles the process of making one of his dreams come true.

(AllHipHop Music) Rapper, songwriter, poet, and Newark native King Braize released a new single adequately titled “Inspire Yourself.” 

Anyone seeking motivation will be pulled in by the smoothness of the guitar loop and quick-paced snare, and even further captivated by Braize’s wordplay and delivery. 

King Braize has been rapping since he was 12-years-old and has since released 8 projects: 5 mixtapes, an EP, and 2 albums. 

The tenacity Braize has exemplified throughout his career seems to culminate into “Inspire Yourself”, where he lyrically breaks down the concept of having a dream all the while managing any hardships that could potentially stand in the way…if one allows them to. 

King Braize’s accompanying visual details the process of making his own studio – a dream he had since he was a kid that came into fruition in 2018. 

Anyone watching this video will quickly understand Braize’s manifestation process as well as get a sense of how to incorporate that same drive into their own life. 

This song and video are for those who just need the last push to get to their goal. If you are looking for a sign, here it is. Check out the video for “Inspire Yourself” below.