Did MSNBC Fire All Their Black Shows?

Is MSNBC Falling?


It looks like MSNBC is going through a total overhaul and the shows that are of the more liberal variety are on the chopping block. A recent article called “The Fall of MSNBC” outlined all the changes apparently to come.

Also removed from the airwaves was insipid afternoon host Joy Ann Reid, whose particular brand of racially charged progressive orthodoxy apparently appealed to few more viewers than did Farrow. If the Daily Beast is to be believed, this will not be the end of the shake. In addition, the Beast’s Lloyd Grove suggests, Al Sharpton “could eventually be moved from his weeknight 6 p.m. gig” and placed in a weekend graveyard slot, and Chris Hayes may be replaced by Rachel Maddow — who, in turn, would be dislodged by new talent. Thus, Politico’s Dylan Byers proposes, does MSNBC hope to “stem its cataclysmic ratings declines and waning relevance.”

At press time, Melissa Harris-Perry’s weekend show was not mentioned. Hopefully, they maintain a voice of the people.

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