Sarah Palin Want To Use N-Word At Trump Speech, Says Thuggery Instead


Sara Palin is back with all of her glorious f**kery. The Donald Trump precursor showed exactly how much class she had at a recent event bolstering her buddy. Sarah uses the code word for “n*gga” by evoking the word “thuggery.”

“We don’t have time for all that petty, punk-ass little thuggery stuff that’s been going on with these ‘protesters,’ who are doing nothing but wasting your time and trying to take away your First Amendment rights,” she said. “And the media being on the thugs’ side—what the heck are you guys thinking, media?”

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Chicago says “We’ll show you thuggery.”:

FOH, SARAH. You ain’t s**t and neither is your man. Go back to your cave.

And, Chris Christie – you human meatball – f**k you just because.