Central Cee Links With Italian Drill Rappers Rondodasosa & Baby Gang To Film “Eurovision” Video

Central Cee went to Italy to film the “Eurovision” video, an epic international drill collaboration featuring artists from four countries.

Central Cee took a trip to Milan, Italy to film a music video from his upcoming 23 mixtape, set to be a mega international drill collaboration. 

The West London rapper joined Italian drill stars Rondodasosa and Baby Gang for the visuals for their upcoming song, ”Eurovision.” The trio was out on the streets of San Siro with a huge entourage to film to video on Thursday night (Feb. 17).  

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Italian flags, barking dogs, and roaring motorcycles appear in clips that have emerged online. In other scenes, the artists are joined by their crews as they take over the stairwell of an Italian apartment building.  

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Last month, Central Cee announced his upcoming project, 23, sharing the cover art and revealing the 15-song tracklist. “Eurovision” is the only song with any features and it’s set to be a big international collaboration. Italian rappers Rondodasosa and Baby Gang and Ashe 22 and Freeze Corleone from France appear on the song alongside Spanish rappers Morad and Beny Jr. 

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The State of U.K Rap 

Meanwhile, during a recent interview, Central Cee spoke about the state of the U.K rap scene.

“We’re in a growing state, though, we’re in the early stages to say the least,” he says of the scene as a whole. “We’re in a good position because there’s a lot to do, and there’s certain people like me that [are] pushing down doors for people to do different things. For everyone.” 

Central Cee revealed that his perspective changed following the release of “Day in the Life” from his debut mixtape, Wild West.  

“Before ‘Day in the Life’, I was paying attention to the UK scene and that’s why I kind of found my sound and a gap in the market. Now I might have lost touch a little bit,” Central Cee admitted. “I haven’t really been listening to no [UK rappers]. And when I am, I’m looking from a different point of view now. I’ve got a different perspective, like they’re my peers. So I don’t really know the state of the UK scene. It’s probably just quite boring outside of me. I don’t know what’s going on. Nottin’ ain’t really caught my eye. Nottin’ really exciting going on. 

Last week, Central Cee dropped the video for “Khabib,” from his upcoming tape 23. Watch it below.  

Central Cee – “Khabib”