Drake Conspiracy IV: Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due

The Final Word On Meek/Drake

Drake impressed me.
Ya’ll know I ain’t the biggest Drake fan, but he did it.

I gotta give the guy credit.

The strategy & timing involved in this battle was Patton-like. Drake’s assault was planned & executed perfectly, like a brazen bank robbery pulled off in broad daylight. While Toronto’s finest was sure of himself & confident, Meek seemed to be befuddled & suffering under his own private eclipse while the stars seemed to align for Drake.

Having pictures of Meek Mill on the screen behind him at his own OVO Fest and bringing out two of the biggest and most recognizable stars in the world, Kanye West, who kind of spearheaded the current wierdo movement that’s so prevalent among today’s youngsters, & Meek’s fellow Philadelphian, arguably the biggest star from Philly, Will Smith. To add insult to injury there are pictures of them with Drake laughing at Meek memes. And yes, there are many memes of Meek floating around the internet. My man GeeNice called him “Meme Mill”.
Meek’s response?

To basically say that Lil Wayne & f###### Tyga aren’t Drake’s friends anymore.


Drake’s dismantling of Meek was wondrous to behold. It was like a car accident and everybody in the world was rubbernecking.

It was by far the most one-sided battle I can recall. It seemed like Drake was holding Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws Of Power in one hand and Sun Tzu’s Art Of War in the other while someone wrote his rhymes for him. He took Greene’s fifteenth law, “CRUSH YOUR ENEMY TOTALLY” to heart and pummeled Meek into submission. Plus Drake has obviously studied Hip Hop history and implemented Jay-Z’s “Summer Jam screen” technique and Fiddy Cent’s way of making both his opponent seem lame and liking his opponent seem uncool, along with making an actual dope song out of a diss record ala L.L. CoolJ ( JackTheRipper / KoolMoeDee diss).

Drake made liking Meek Mill uncool. At least for two weeks. If a dude were to wear a Meek Mill t-shirt outside this week he might get chased home. Its like that. We may have just witnessed the worst two weeks of Meek Mill’s life.

He probably wishes he was still in jail.

What’s crazy is that I was rooting for Meek. For hungry ’05 Meek to raise up.


We didn’t get that.

We got the rich street dude talking about his damn watch. F###. Both of these cats better be thank their lucky stars that they didn’t bump heads with any real emcees like Royce, Elzhi, Phonte etc. The carnage would have been worse than this, but w/ about a fourth of the audience. Meek better be glad that this whole new generation has ADHD and they’ll forget that this ever happened. Of course Drake’s fans will remember & gloat over his flawless victory but I’m sure that Meek’s fans are more than ready to put this debacle behind them, although Meek is making it worse every time he opens his mouth or tweets. Throughout this whole ordeal I tried not to mention Nicki Minaj, because this b####### has already put her in a f##### up position, she doesn’t need the peanut gallery chiming in.This battle s### isn’t gonna do s### for her but potentially f### up some future earnings with Drake. They came up together under Young Money & Lil Wayne’s tutelage & have collaborated many times. Her & Drake’s relationship is well documented, & resides in that “DID THEY OR DIDN’T THEY” realm. Like I said, I wasn’t gonna speak on Nicki – period. That is until Meek decided to get on stage at a recent The Pinkprint tour stop & spit a bar aimed at Drake that intoned that the beef is really over Nicki. No, dog. The beef is over u being mad at Drake for not tweeting about your album & u subsequently saying that he has a ghostwriter. There may be an underlying animosity between u two because of Nicki but lets be clear, u started this s###, Meek Mill.

Own that.

Right now it seems that its gonna be hard for Meek to bounce back from this but neither of the two combatants’ fan bases seem like they’re true Hip Hop fans and only like whatever or whoever’s popular at the moment, so all Meek has to do is drop a banger and all will be forgiven. What’s lost in all this is that Drake committed one of the biggest transgressions in Hip Hop and everyone forgot about it. When Meek was tweeting all that b####### all he had to say about either “CHARGED UP” or “BACK TO BACK” is “Nice song, I wonder who wrote it”. Disaster averted.
Oh well.

Drake won 4-0 by my count.

( 2w’s for the records, 1w for Meek’s terrible response record, & an extra 1 for all Drake’s strategic planning & execution ) Hopefully this is over with. The lesson to be learned in all this is be careful who u start f###### with. I mean, I still think that dudes who listen to Drake’s music collect dandelions and braid their own belly button lint. However he proved that at least in this particular battle he ain’t for no muthafuckin’ games.

Salute, Drake.

Well done.