Drake Net Worth Evolution: From Chart-Topping Sensation to High Stake Bets

Drake remains one of the richest rappers in the world, as his net worth has already exceeded $270 million.

Drake is among the most renowned artists: his rap songs are popular worldwide. Unsurprisingly, he is among the highest-paid performers in 2023. It’s said his earnings from music are around $70 million per year, which is fascinating. However, his rap songs are not the only source of income, as the celebrity is also known for his insane passion for gambling.

This hobby also adds significant sums to his net worth – but no one is insured for losses, and Drake is no exception. Let’s open the door to the mystery and find out how a famous rapper earned his fortune.

Drake’s Musical Journey

Not all know that Drake’s original name is Aubrey Drake Graham. He was born into an ordinary family, but his father was a drummer – so he got a hereditary passion for music. In 2001, he tried himself as an actor but felt it was not for him. He participated in the show till 2008, after which the future rap star decided to concentrate on music. Drake’s first famous single, “Best I Ever Had,” was released in 2009. Such a loud success led him to sign a contract with Lil Wayne’s label. During the following year, he worked on “Thank Me Later,” the album that made him popular worldwide.

Currently, Drake is among the richest rappers in the world: his show costs around $1 million. His net worth reached $270 million in 2023. Does he earn all the money from his concerts? No. Let’s see other activities that bring insane profits to the celebrity.

Drake’s Business Ventures

The performer is an ambassador of the Toronto Raptors: October’s Very Own (OVO) brand, owned by Drake, has been partnering with the NBA team since 2013. The collaboration brought fans many exclusive clothes, while the rapper got a significant income. The company’s revenue reaches $28 million annually.

Alcohol production is another industry Drake is involved in, as he is a part-owner of Virginia Black company. Getting one more source of income is the only goal of this collaboration – and it brings him around $38 million yearly. Making more money and remaining in Forbes is exactly what a player wants – he mentioned it in an interview in 2016. Well, it seems that nothing has changed during the following years, as Drake is still among the richest performers globally.

Moreover, he is a passionate fan of gambling; in 2022, he signed a $100 million contract with Stake.com, a well-known casino and betting platform. Drake doesn’t only present gambling operators and promotes them – he also plays roulette and other games, investing millions.

High Stakes Bets & Offers

Gambling is the most famous Drake’s passion: every rapper’s fan knows he loves roulette games. Rumours say he once bet $10,000 per one round – and fantastically multiplied the initial deposit. His losses are also significant: in 2022, he placed over $1 million on a football match, which was unsuccessful. However, negative outcomes don’t stop Drake from betting and gambling more – and he earned a massive part of his money on casino websites.

Depositing six-figure sums is nothing special for the rapper. For instance, he bet $250,000 on the Nuggets and eventually hit a $850,000 prize. If you are interested in casino bonuses and other deals available on WithCasinoBonus you clearly understand that such offers are rare. Another $136,000 wager on Israel Adesanya brought Drake an insane $897,000 winning. A valuable income to his overall net worth, doesn’t it? Unfortunately for the rapper, he also had multiple unsuccessful bets, including $393,000 on Odell Beckham Jr. and $335,000 on Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury. It’s said the rapper got over $70 million in profits from gambling. However, it’s hard to evaluate all the net worth gained from online casinos and sportsbooks as Drake continues placing bets.

Impact on Net Worth

Of course, concerts and tours remain the primary Drake’s source of income, bringing him the most profits. However, other projects managed by the rapper are also worth attention. On the other hand, fans are usually especially excited by his gambling activity: everyone is curious about how successful he is. In line with other casino lovers, Drake has both successes and drawbacks. The only difference is that the performer invests insane sums. Many say he suffers from gambling addiction – and the inability to stop makes him lose millions of dollars in roulette and sports betting. On the other hand, statistics still show his winnings outweigh the losses: he won around $70 million, with spending reaching $30 million. If only every casino and betting fan could boast such figures!


Drake remains one of the richest rappers in the world, as his net worth has already exceeded $270 million. And the performer is not going to stop! His singing career brings the most income, as Drake’s concerts’ revenue can reach $5 million in the US. On the other hand, the rapper also has several businesses, a clothing brand and a whiskey company with $28 million and $38 million revenue, respectively.

Gambling is another passion and source of income. Drake has already invested around $30 million in online casinos and sportsbooks. He prefers playing the roulette game and places bets on the NBA, NFL, and MMA. And the rapper is quite successful! Even though many people judge him for this harmful hobby, the rapper continues to have fun and is rumored to have already won over $70. Well, it’s a significant part of his net worth.