Drake’s Million-Dollar Gambles: A Closer Look at His Biggest Wins and Losses

Drake is definitely the most popular gambler in the world: hit huge stakes to impress even those far from the casino world.

Drake, the famous rapper, is also a well-known gambling fan: you can hardly find another singer as passionate about betting and casino games. The celebrity spares no expense on his favourite entertainment – it’s no secret that he can spend six-figure sums punting on loud sports events. 

He once placed $250,000 on the Nuggets basketball team, and what do you think? A huge bet brought him insane winnings, as he eventually received $850,000. And it’s only one occasion in Drake’s gambling history.

A Quick Overview of Drake’s Most Significant Bets

The rapper is known to place insane bets – you will not find him in one-dollar casinos. Drake prefers to fly high and invest millions, eventually getting even more or losing the entire stake. He began gambling in Canadian land-based casinos and then switched to virtual gaming clubs. 

One of the latest player’s bets was equal to $1.3 billion; the rapper invested this sum in Bitcoin on Super Bowl matches. Another shocking sum was invested in NBA betting: he spent over $720,000 during the competition in London.

Drake’s New and Favourite Casino Games

The rapper never misses the chance to play some casino games. Drake was spotted spending time on Stake.com. This popular brand is listed among new operators on various platforms. Roulette is the favourite game of the hip-hop star: live-streaming of him gambling on Twitch got hundreds of thousands of viewers. 

Drake doesn’t try to keep his hobby a secret, showing his failures and successes to the whole world. The rapper once showed a video of him investing $200,000 into a single roulette spin, impressing fans with high stakes. It was later proven fake, as the online casino only allows a maximum of $20,000 per round. 

However, this does not negate that the famous performer is ready to invest tens of thousands of dollars in his favourite game.

Drake’s Sportsbetting Stakes

The hip-hop star is also not indifferent to sports betting: he prefers to bet on MMA, football, basketball, and Formula 1. Usually, Drake invests insane sums when following matches. Are you ready to learn about his biggest stakes?

  • $427,000 on Justin Gaethje to get the lightweight champion title
  • $393,000 on Odell Beckham Jr. during Super Bowl
  • $335,000 on Tomy Fury vs. Jake Paul
  • $275,000 on Jorge Masvidal vs. Colby Covington

And what do you think? All these bets were a complete failure. Fans are joking that everything Drake touches appears to be a loss. But we completely disagree with them, as despite multiple unsuccessful instances, the rapper’s gambling career is quite profitable.

Drake’s Curse: The Viral Meme

It’s said the rapper brings failures to athletes – after interacting with him, teams usually lose even despite the odds. This trend started with the Toronto Raptors in 2013: Drake became the club’s ambassador. Later on, the team began losing in all the important competitions. Serena William, Conor McGregor, Sergio Aguero, and others fell under this influence. 

Even the undefeated Antony Joshua was unpredictably crushed by Andy Ruiz Jr., which happened exactly after the boxer met Drake. Joshua even posted a picture, mentioning he would break the curse. But unfortunately, it didn’t work – he was defeated in the fight in 2019.

We strongly believe these are just coincidences, but the fact is the fact. However, it seems that sports stars are not superstitious at all, as they still don’t hesitate to meet the famous rapper.

Drake’s Crypto Gambling Experience

Stake.com, the rapper’s favourite gambling platform, is one of the most popular crypto casinos. Drake is known to place bets via cryptocurrencies, as it’s quick and convenient. The famous player invested over $1.25 million in Bitcoin in Super Bowl matches and roulette games.

He eventually received over $300,000 in profits from such huge stakes. Many think he’s an addict and needs treatment – but Drake doesn’t care about what others say and continues depositing millions in his hobby.

Cryptocurrency betting and gambling are now on the rise in multiple countries, partly thanks to the hip-hop star. Users think, “If Drake trusts cryptocurrencies and uses them often in online casinos and sportsbooks, then why shouldn’t I try?”

Final Thoughts

Drake is definitely the most popular gambler in the world: hit huge stakes to impress even those far from the casino world. Even though the rapper experiences significant losses, his loud victories help him to win over.

The rapper prefers crypto gambling on Stake.com: many say there’s a partnership between Drake and the platform. However, none of the parties confirmed a collaboration, so we prefer to think the hip-hop star just loves this entertainment.