Men Shoot Out At T.I.’s Restaurant, One Shot & Arrested On Drug Charges

Bad News For Tip…

Last night, a group of men began arguing at T.I. restaurant Scales 925, resulting in a shooting.

Another man was arrested on drug-related charges.

According to reports, 5-6 men started a verbal fight and were thrown out of the T.I.-owned establishment. The men continued to argue in the parking lot and one man donning a red shirt shot another man in the leg Sunday night.

TMZ reports the victim was able to escape in a friend’s Porsche.

Police eventually pulled over the Porsche, where they found the victim bleeding from the leg. The person also had a bag that contained 240 grams of marijuana and $6,000 in cash. The shooting victim was arrested for reckless conduct and possession of marijuana.

Everything was captured on security cameras, according to TMZ.