OH YOU WANNA FIGHT?: 5 Hip-Hop Heads George Zimmerman Should Box!



By now you have read the headlines about George Zimmerman and DMX. The pair will supposedly square off in a three round “celebrity boxing” event for PPV. The announcement comes on as many reminisce on the short life of Trayvon Martin, who Zimmerman killed two years ago at the age of 17. Now, DMX recently revealed that he’s not 100% confirmed for this fight so we”ll see.

That said, there are no talks of the fight being called off and it actually looks like it may go down (with or without DMX), despite a national outcry opposing the effort. So, please believe there are several other opponents that George Zimmerman could consider, rap guys that would make this “bout” infinitely more interesting. This list is IF a fight happens even though we collectively don’t want it to happen.

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The Game has “the game” on lock in several ways, but one of them is simply that he cares. He’s got Trayvon Martin tatted on his body and he’s passionate about African American people. Moreover, he’s passionate – perhaps to a fault – about justice. But when he sees wrong, he’s the type to make it right. Unlike some of the other rappers, he’s going to beat Zimmerman to a pulp and also pay homage to Trayvon. There is a reason why Zimmerman accepted and then rejected The Game as a prospect.


One time Treach of Naughty By Nature rapped “Guard your grill knuckle up, I ain’t the type to give up.” Treach is swift with his blows and even though he’s a bit older, he’s very much in shape. Lastly, he used to carry a chainsaw so perhaps he’d consider dusting it off and chopping Zimmerman up into little pieces for rapid dogs to consume. Just kidding! (And Treach ran with Tupac so you already know what’s up.)


Freddie Foxx has been knocking out dudes for decades. His hands are like sledgehammers and his nickname is Bumpy Knuckles (you already know!). Zimmerman wouldn’t last a round with Bump. In fact, Bumpy used to box a bit and knocked a few rapper dudes out in the 1990′s. But, these days he’s still into martial arts and isometrics. He’s pretty much a nightmare if you are on the wrong side of his generally cool temperament.

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