Saaphyri: Third Time’s A Charm

Los Angeles native Saaphyri first appeared on our TV screens as a contestant on the second season of the Flavor Of Love show. Although her efforts were fruitless, that spot allowed her to appear on the popular spinoff reality show Charm School, which was hosted by comedian/actress Mo’Nique.    In this exclusive interview, Saaphyri talks […]

Los Angeles native Saaphyri first appeared on our TV screens as a contestant on the second season of the Flavor Of Love show. Although her efforts were fruitless, that spot allowed her to appear on the popular spinoff reality show Charm School, which was hosted by comedian/actress Mo’Nique. 


In this exclusive interview, Saaphyri talks about her time with and attraction to Flavor Flav, the infamous fight that got her kicked off of that show, her win on Charm School and some inside dish on the upcoming Flavor Of Love 3 season. You were the winner of the reality TV show/contest Charm School. Tell us about that experience?


Saaphyri: Charm School was a blessing for me. I won $50,000 from the show. The experience was a lot different from what I thought it was going to be. We [the contestants] didn’t really know what to expect from the show when we first arrived. What did the casting people explain to you when you first signed up for this show?


Saaphyri: All they said was, “We’ve got this new show and you have a chance to win money.” I was like, “Sign me up!” [laughs] They could have had you eating worms or some other crazy sh*t like that! You had no idea?


Saaphyri: No. They just said that they had a new show and a chance to win money – “a lot of money.” I asked them what they considered “a lot” was, and they said that they would tell me when I got there. None of us knew how much money was involved until we got off of the bus, and then they finally told us. Afterwards they told us that the premise of the show had to do with being “charming.” What was your reaction when you found out that Mo’Nique was going to be the host?


Saaphyri: When I found out about Mo’Nique, I figured that the show was going to be fun because she is a comedian – but she was serious the whole time! That really threw me off. As the show went on we never knew what to really expect – unlike Flavor Of Love – because Charm School was brand new. None of knew what the challenges were going to be or what we were going to have to do. You mentioned eating worms a moment ago. I was hoping that we weren’t going to have to do stuff like that. [laughs] Now that you bring up Flavor Of Love, you were in Season 2. Didn’t you beat another contestant down on that show? What’s up with that?




Saaphyri: Yeah! That was crazy. I wasn’t even in the house for 15 minutes! I ran up the stairs to go get a bed and this girl tries to gangster me out of it to take it for herself. She assaulted me with flowers and all kinds of junk. I was intent on staying in the house, because I wanted Flav. I figured that if I didn’t get a bed, I wouldn’t get to stay in the house, so I got in to an altercation.

Then afterwards, Flavor was like, “I really don’t want a violent woman.” I tried to explain that I am not a violent woman. I thought that she was stealing something from me. That’s the way that I felt. Did you manage to land some good blows during the fight?


Saaphyri: [laughs] We were fighting, and in my mind I was saying, “God. Please don’t let these people call the police.” I was trying to get a date, not go to jail! She was crazy, but I think I got in one or two good shots. It was real quick. Let’s be honest here. Did you really want a date with Flavor Flav?


Saaphyri: Of course I did! That’s why I went on the show. C’mon now. I know that he’s a celebrity and he’s a Hip Hop legend because of Public Enemy, and I am a fan myself, so no disrespect to him. But did you realistically want to be his woman?


Saaphyri: I knew what I was signing up for when I got there. I wanted to see what he was about. I’ve never been one for looks anyway. That has never been my thing. I’ve dated some guys that have probably looked worse than Flav, but they had good hearts, or at least I thought so at the time. It was never about the appearances. I want to get to know a person. Plus Flavor smelled so good. He smelled really good. Wow. If Flavor has a shot then there is hope for a lot of fellas out there. I hope you guys are taking note of this!       


Saaphyri: [laughs] It’s not about appearances! To me that’s the thing that might attract people initially, but if there is nothing on the inside to go along with that, then it’s a done deal. There are some pretty people out there with some messed up ways. As long as the inside part is cool, then we are good to go. I can’t recall what his count is, but the multitude of children doesn’t bother you?


Saaphyri: [pauses for long laughter] No. I like kids – especially when they are other people’s kids. Great. You’ve now given more hope to the men out there! She doesn’t mind your kids fellas!


Saaphyri: I get along really good with kids. They always seem to like me. I am not a good disciplinarian, so as long as someone else does that, it’s all good. But for Flav, if his baby’s mommas are happy, then he’s happy I guess. I’m all good with the kids. I’ve met his kids actually. They are real sweet. Sounds like a match made in Heaven I guess, except for your violent ways. You stated that he didn’t want a violent woman. [laughs]


Saaphyri: I went to anger management for that. I’ve learned how to control my anger. I bet that you got an earful from family and friends for acting all ghetto on TV.


Saaphyri: My Grand momma was mad. I heard the whole, “Girl. You know you ain’t supposed to be doing that. You are supposed to wait for the camera to go off! Don’t hit her while it’s on!” I did have some cousins stick up for me, saying that the other girl deserved it. I was just mad that someone caused me to lose my chance to date Flav. I really wanted to date him. [sighs] There you go with that again. I’m telling you fellas, you have a chance! Hit up her Myspace page and throw your name in the hat!


Saaphyri: Oh my God! Now I am going to get all of these …..never mind! Flav is a nice guy though. I didn’t get to date him, but because of that show I went on to Charm School and won $50,000. How can I be mad at that? What were your toughest challenges from the Charm School show?


Saaphyri: I’d say the time that we had to camp out in the cold, because I am Black and we don’t do that. [laughs] My weave was not taking it too good. The hardest challenge was having to give away my stuff. I didn’t realize how attached I was to material things. I learned something about myself, and I learned to not be so attached to things. I can see how that traumatized you, considering that I had to wait two hours to do this f’n interview while you were getting “ready.” People are going to read this, not see you!


Saaphyri: [laughs] There’s a lot that goes in to getting ready! I’ve got to look good for this interview! You don’t want to sit next to someone all funky lookin’ or smelling… Well true, and thank you for thinking of me. Back to the show. Most reality TV shows seem staged. I won’t say names but we’ve all seen them. It looks like everything has been put together. Was that the case with this?


Saaphyri: After a while you forget that the cameras are planted there. For the first couple of days I was really aware of them, but you do forget. Some of the girls loved being in front of the camera and they acted out excessively. If there were moments where something seemed staged, that’s because the person was intentionally acting out. So did you blow your $50,000 yet?


Saaphyri: I am being wise with it. I have my own line of up Lip Chap that you can purchase at I am also in the hair and clothes business. I am branding myself. Damn! A lot of chicks would have hit Rodeo Drive…


Saaphyri: My mentality is to use this money and flip it in to more money. I’m trying to double it and triple it. Go buy my Lip Chap from my website. It comes in all flavors and it’s for all sexes. More TV in the future for you?


Saaphyri: You will see me on Flavor Of Love 3. Oh God, she’s trying again!


Saaphyri: You never know. I just might get my man. I can’t tell you but you will see me on there in February. Look at the track record of winners. This is the third season of a “finding love” show.


Saaphyri: I am not like any of the past girls. Plus he needs to give me a second chance. He kicked me out too quick. He didn’t even get to know me in Season 2. I am a loving, and now “charming” lady. So everything has been filmed already? Congratulations on winning!


Saaphyri: [laughs] Nope. You are not going to get it out of me. You are going to have to watch and see.