Wyclef Predicts Drake/URL Event Will Have “Classic” Battles

Wyclef predicts the Til Death Do Us Part winners and said Loaded Lux Vs. Geechi Gotti will be one of three classic battles on the night.

Wyclef is a long-time fan of battle rap, he began his career battling and has recently been shining a spotlight on the scene. In just the last couple of months, he has sent some bars in Philly legend Freeway’s direction, shared battles from his favorite female battle rappers, and even created his own battle rap challenge

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Now, the “Gone ‘Til November” artist has shared his predictions with HipHopisReal on the upcoming Drake and URL collaboration event, Til Death Do Us Part, tapped to be the biggest event in battle rap history.  


Jaz The Rapper Vs. Gattas 


This proved difficult for Clef who said, “Jaz has a gift and Gattas of course is on a whole other level. I think you gone get a classic.” He struggled to pick a winner prompting HipHopisReal to offer a tough ultimatum; pick the correct winner or no more Haitian food. Wyclef, unable to determine the winner, dodged the question. “If they said that then I would tell them that I’m growing my own food,” the Haitian native said.  

Pat Stay vs. Real Sikh  

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The choice between veteran Canadian Pat Stay and the New Jersey native Real Sikh was an easier one. “I’m amazed by both; the new school is definitely ill. I think the experience of Pat Stay though is going to take it.” He added, “I respect the youth though!” 

Tsu Surf vs. Calicoe  


Next, Wyclef was asked to predict the rematch between veterans Tsu Surf and Calicoe who first battled back in 2014. “The rematch is definitely going to be very very interesting.” He added that he’s a huge fan of both artists and doesn’t want people to assume he’s picking Surf because of any Jersey bias. “I think both guys wordplay is definitely amazing. Calicoe has been back on his crazy s### again.” Slipping into patois he said, “Calicoe’s on that ‘Mi nuh play wid nobody’ vibe.” 

He ultimately went with Surf for the win, “I’ve seen Surf get out of tough situations before,” he said.  

T-Rex vs. Rum Nitty  


Wyclef took his time with this one. After a long pause, he explained that T-Rex is a draw, “one of those that would make us show up to the battles because the energy and what he has brought to this game.” He continued explaining he’s long been a fan of T-Rex and recounted watching him and K-Shine back in the day. “I go way back with T-Rex in the sense of watching him, he probably didn’t even know that.” However, he added, “Rum Nitty right now is just hard to beat.” 

Clef was asked why he considers Rum so unique, especially after being in the industry for so long, he’s heard “a million bars and a million metaphors.” He explained that Rum’s material is incredibly original. “Rum has a way that he says it and it’s backward, his style of thinking. The way he puts the metaphors together. He continued saying that there are certain bars you only catch if you’re “woke” before adding, “Rum goes into your subconscious.” Picking a winner he said, “Both are amazing, but Rum.” 

Tay Roc vs Nu Jersey Twork 


Wyclef also struggled to pick a victor between long-time fan favorite Tay-Roc, and Drake’s favorite battler, Twork. “What a battle,” he said. “That, once again, is gone be a punch fest.” Unable to pick a winner, he compared it to the Jaz and Gattas battle saying, “You gone have a classic.” 

Later in the interview, he doubled back to mention Twork’s originality and creativity, adding, “I remember his battle with Dougie and there was a certain confidence that Dougie had but Twork just had a new language that we hadn’t heard before. So, it’s going to be interesting.”  

Loaded Lux vs. Geechi Gotti 

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Wyclef began his prediction for the main-event battle by comparing Loaded Lux to Hip-Hop founding fathers, The Last Poets. “He’s literally hands down like The Last Poets. One of the most gifted to ever come.” 

He prefaced his comments on Geechi Gotti by talking about one of the smartest people he’s ever known, co-founder of the Crips and children’s book author, Tookie Williams. “Geechi Gotti comes with that renaissance,” he said. “When he rhymes, I could hear Huey Newton inside of the rhyme, like I hear a Panther flow. I hear a Tribe thing going on.” He predicted another classic battle and gave an interesting comparison. “Imagine The Last Poets show, and they doing they thing and then Bobby Seale comes out. The convo is real.” 

Wyclef wrapped up the interview saying: “I look forward to that. Bobby Seale vs. The Last Poets. Get your tickets now! 

Tickets for Drake’s Til Death Do Us Part are available here. Fans can stream the show for free this Saturday at 6 p.m. Eastern via caf.tv/urltv

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Watch the full interview with HipHopisReal below.