Kendrick Lamar Gives Epic Speech At Kunta’s Groove Sessions


Kendrick took the time to speak to a New York crowd at a recent performance at Terminal 5 during his Kunta’s Groove Sessions. In the speech you get to hear the true struggle of being Kendrick Lamar, if such a thing exists. This above all lets you know how human Kendrick is, he truly lets his words flow on this one and speaks on how his life changed with the success of his music.

“I think this s### could live forever. I’m looking at y’alls faces. I got some of the most loyal dedicated fans in the world and New York is one of them. Don’t mind me I could talk all day… To Pimp A Butterfly. God allowed this motherf*ckin’ album to soar all the way to the top, with no mother f*ckin commercial success! God allowed this to be top tier without a radio single. Music is not something you can market all the time. This some s### that y’all can feel whether you insecure, vulnerable, mad, happy, angry, sad. You pop this mother f*cking tape in, and you love and you live this s###.”