Oswin Benjamin: Talks About Rapping With K-Dot and Vibing With Kendrick Lamar

Oswin Benjamin is cool with Kendrick and down with Sway! But his story is more compelling.

(AllHipHop Features) It is not always that you remember exactly when the universe introduces somebody to you. This interviewer remembers exactly when he met one Oswin Benjamin. It was at the Apple Store in the Soho area of New York on October 4, 2012. I was interviewing Kendrick Lamar, who had just dropped his major-label debut, and we were taking questions from the audience. One person stood up with a freestyle. That was Oswin Benjamin. Since then, the Brooklyn-born rapper has grown steadfastly and his impact has been felt all over the Hip-Hop diaspora. The rapper isn’t the sort that is of the normal ilk. He’s not a drug dealer rapper, not a pill popper, doesn’t indulge in excessive criminal activity in songs, but he’s got something to say.

 To help him get there, Oswin Benjamin has enlisted the business acumen of legendary media personality Sway Calloway and his business partner Kelly Jackson to help the still young emcee manage his career. They are necessary for a number of reasons, but mostly to be a conduit to get a pure Hip-Hop spirit to the passes. There is much more to Benjamin than meets the rhyme and he’s got a story to tell that is as valid as any of his contemporaries. For those that complain about Hip-Hop, this is one artist you can count on. – Chuck Creekmur