PREMIERE: The Cannabis Club “Run N Hide”

ALLHIPHOP PREMIERE: The Cannabis Club “Run N Hide” Video

From the city of Decatur, GA, East of metropolitan Atlanta,GA, has emerged an elite group comprised of four members with immeasurable talent. This group has solidified its presence and influence throughout the streets of Atlanta, and will now demonstrate those attributes to the world. This group was organized and hand-picked by its first member, The Legendary Fruitman. The next member is N.I.L.E., reminiscent of the river that flows upstream. The third member is Trapacana, who exhibits a flow and delivery unlike any other in the rap/hip hop genre. Last, and never least, is Manal, a talent and beauty of Palestinian descent who not only grew up in Australia but, can sing and rap in the Arabic and English languages.

These individuals can stand alone in any arena; putting them together makes this group unstoppable! Money Tree Entertainment introduces to the world, The Cannabis Club. is proud to premiere the video of their first single, “Run N Hide”, from the upcoming album Gang Green.

Find out more from The Canibus Club on Twitter @cannabisclubatl and IG @cannabisclubatl