Hip-Hop Rumors: Good News! Good Times Coming To The Movies!

The real is BACK! Good times is about to be made into a movie! Now, for those of you that are too young to know, Good Times was a show in the 70s that was tremendously popular. It documented the struggle associated with Black life in the projects. Chicago is the setting for the movie. Now,  I am worried. Why?

Man, Chicago ain’t the same! People like Chief Keef will kill Micheal and JJ! Remember how diesel James Evans was? He used to beat up thugs!

Thelma was hot too!

I hate to say it, but we will need Black Jesus to make this movie good!

John Amos Good Times

Wonder who they can possibly think could fill these shoes successfully?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • ONE

    They should have called this show Bad times, because nothing good ever happens. I only watch it now to see Thelma fine ass

    • steven dabney

      Thelma is still fine as hell. Hasn’t aged one bit.

  • hoeyuno

    Oj Simpson could play James Evans…

    • Lyve Wire


    • Tyler the Creator = JJ
      Immortal Tec = Michael
      Stacy Dash Thelma

      • hoeyuno

        Ha ha @ Tyler the creator playing jj..

      • hoeyuno

        Or Dave chappelle as jj. I thought it was chappelle in the pic up there

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  • Q.

    Oh. So basically, Hollywood is writing a big FUKK YOU letter to the Black community:

    Dear N!ggers,

    Get used to making the best out of surviving in subhuman living conditions, because things aren’t going to get better for you people anytime soon. Never mind the inferior schools, high unemployment, barbaric police, rampant gun violence and drug abuse plaguing your community, you can be happy too having NOTHING in life, while we lay back and count our millions! Remember n!ggers, ain’t we lucky we got ’em…(altogether now) GOOD TIIIIIIII-IIII-IIIIIIIMES!!!!!


    • acapwn

      You’re ignorant. It’s entertainment.

      • Q.

        Lynchings and castrations were a form of entertainment at one time, too.
        Thanks for coming out. SMH

      • acapwn

        A sitcom is far from lynchings and castrations. Nice try! SMH

      • Q.

        What’s wrong? I thought you were talking about ENTERTAINMENT. Anything that’s entertaining is okay, right? LOL
        Do you know what a minstrel show is?? #stoptheBS

      • acapwn

        Yeah and Good Times is far from it.

      • Q.

        Uh huh. “Hanging,” “jiving,” and showing all your gotdamn teeth while “chewing nothing” in the projects to ENTERTAIN millions sounds like minstrelsy to me.

        Enjoy the show.

  • Q.

    Lemme guess…they’re going to try to make this project credible by attaching big names:

    Marlon Wayans as JJ
    Jaden Smith as Michael
    Kelly Rowland as Thelma
    Gaboure Sidibe as Florida
    Sam L. Jackson as James
    William Leonard Roberts as Buffalo Butt
    Halle Berry as Willona
    Quvenzhane Wallis as Penny (“NO, MAMA, NO!”)


    • BossBeaux

      •flatline• @ William Leonard Roberts as Buffalo Butt aka Bookman

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I’m not gonna pay to watch this stuff. show sucks too.

  • Good times represented a lot more than it’s ever been credited with. James was a hard working man who could’ve easily gone another route to get easy money but being a true paterfamilia man he held his family down through oppression, double standards, and demoralizing situations. I really hope this movie if it is indeed made represents the progress to these characters coming up outta that situation they were in and I think that’s why its being made.

  • Choppa

    “Man, Chicago ain’t the same! People like Chief Keef will kill Micheal and JJ!”


    • hoeyuno

      I don’t think the show was a exact replica of the projects in chi back then… Ha ha

  • acapwn

    I don’t know if I’d tune in. I get the feeling a reboot would be terrible!

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    This was based in the Cabrini greens , grew up
    On this show later used to laugh them shuts was not
    That new or clean when we lived there.
    Thus show was ground breaking, as it showed
    A positive family surviving .

    Wanted to move up like George n wheezy so
    I could have some good times. Kush n no Archie
    Bunker ,wasn’t born wit a silver spoon .

    • Nene

      Positive black family surviving, with a mom and a dad. Who both worked.


        All day

  • scullyson

    A movie on “Good Times” ?…Nah…Nothing Positive about that…Kill that idea ..

  • Nene

    Hurry up. The projects they stayed in no longer exist. I’m in Chicago and can’t wait to leave. The projects that still stand ain’t like they used to be. I can’t wait to see Penny, Good Times still come on T.V.

  • Nene

    We are having a war here in Chicago, blacks against blacks.

  • top_flight

    Mike Tyson as James
    Loretta Devine as Florida
    2Chainz as JJ
    Frank Ocean as Michael
    Kelly Rowland as Thelma
    Angela Bassett as Willona
    Bruh Man as Bookman
    Chief Keef as Mad Dog who shot JJ

    • Choppa

      Lol x100