KRS-One Attacks

KRS-One is gearing up for the release of his 9th album, Sneak Attack, set to drop April 10th. The majority of the production on the album was handled by the Blastmaster himself, and will be released on his own indie, Frontpage Entertainment which he founded over 5 years ago. KRS will hit the road to… Read more »



Queen Latifah To Be Cancelled?

Queen Latifah’s talk show, Latifah, will not be back around for third season according to sources. People in the television industry were surprised that the Hip-Hop legend’s talk show was renewed for a second season. The problem with the show is very simple: low ratings. Latifah isn’t doing as bad as some of the other… Read more »



New Bribery Charges Leveled At Puff

Puff Daddy has new charges leveled at him. According to prosecutor’s, Puff tried to pay key witnesses for their silence in his bribery and gun possession trial. According to prosecutors, Matthew "Scar" Allen and his brother felt threatened by Puff. “Their greatest concerns were retaliation by Mr. Combs and those surrounding him against their mother,… Read more »



DMX To Turn Himself In

DMX plans to surrender to authorities next week to begin his 15 day jail sentence. DMX was supposed to turn himself in last week, but failed to do so in order to finish up work on his upcoming film, Exit Wounds, in which he stars opposite of Steven Segal. Justice Ronald E. Kmiotek issued an… Read more »



Silkk Announces Shocker Gear

SIlkk The Shocker is staying busy. SIlkk and his brother, C-Murder will have appearances in a new movie, "Undisputed", which stars Wesley Snipes. He recently announced the formation of his own clothing label, Shocker Gear. "I grew a lil bit and now I know a little bit more. I’m just going to keep on growing."… Read more »



Chi-Ali Profiled Again

Chi Ali, who is wanted for murdering his girlfriend’s brother over a three hundred dollar debt and music CD’s, was recently profiled again on America’s Most Wanted. According to police reports, Sean Raymond believed Griffith, who used to live with him in a Bronx apartment, stole the cd’s. Raymond’s family say that Chi admitted to… Read more »



Puff’s Case Takes A Turn

Puffy’s trial doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. According to testimony from Puff’s driver, Wardel Ferguson, Puff did indeed tuck a black handgun into his waist before entering the club. He also testified after the shooting that Puff tried to hide the gun in one of the secret compartments of the custom SUV and… Read more »



Hip-Hop Exploited Again?

Eric Eisner, former partner of David Geffen who cashed out on the sale of Geffen Records for millions and son of Disney CEO Michael Eisner, recently sold his spec script “Of God and Country Club” to Columbia Pictures for over $1 million. Eisner wrote the film under a pseudonym, fearing his past as an executive… Read more »



Eminem Being Investigated

Authorities overseas are studying video tapes of Eminem’s debut British concert, looking for proof that he urged teenaged fans to take drugs. Eminem has been in the hotseat lately, because amongst other things, his stage show has him simulate his own death in an electric chair, as well as roaming the stage with a chainsaw…. Read more »



Scar Nowhere To Be Found

Matthew "Scar" Allen, the man that called Puff a "fake" and then threw a 2 inch stack of $20, $50 and $100 dollar bills in the face of Puff Daddy and sparked the now infamous shooting at Club NY in Manhattan is nowhere to be found. Friends of Allen say that he will most likely… Read more »



Big Pun Mural A Success

Big Pun was remembered yesterday (Tuesday Feb. 6, 2001) as family, friends and fans gathered to watch the Tat’s Cru paint a mural in honor of Big Pun. Many celebrities were in attendance, including Remy Martin, Ja-Rule, Cuban Link, Kool Herc and Fat Joe. The event started around 11:00am yesterday. The celebrities that were there… Read more »



Bigg Snoop Dogg Radio Blowin Up

Snoop Dogg’s syndicated radio show, Bigg Snoop Dogg Radio continues to do well for the stations that carry the show. On the show, Snoop takes listeners on a four hour journey of world premier releases, mixes and in studio interviews with top acts. Recent guests have included Busta Rhymes, Fred Durst, Tha Eastsidaz, Nate Dogg,… Read more »



JD Renews Deal With Columbia

Steve Heckler, VP of Information Technology has issued a chilling threat against Napster, and the development of any sort of technology outside of the major entertainment conglomerate’s grasp. After giving a speech at California State University, Heckler told the Summer Forty-Niner (the student newspaper) that " The music industry will take whatever steps it needs… Read more »



Company Flow To Do One Last Show

Company Flow, who recently broke up, will perform one last time together as a group. The show, which will take place on March 28th at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City, It will be the first time El-P, Bigg Jus and Mr. Len have appeared on stage together in almost three years. Other guests… Read more »



Sean John Out Does Bad Boy

Puff Daddy had a good year, in terms of his business ventures. While his label, Bad Boy brought in $60 million in revenue, the real success story comes from his clothing line, Sean John. Sean John brought in over $100 million for the CEO. “When I’m Sean John, it’s definitely like an alter ego" he… Read more »